Squitter - Squitter’s specialty was shooting webs. He could shoot projectile webs to defeat enemies or special webs that expanded into platforms.

Expresso - Expresso is a helpful ostrich who is gifted with great speed. His long legs also allow him to step over smaller enemies, and his small wings can give him a boost in the air.

Winky - Winky is an expert leaper, and she can jump amazingly high even when she has a gorilla sitting on her! Her pounce can slam most enemies into submission.

Squawks - Making his second appearance in Diddy’s Kong Quest, Squawks was much larger. He was now capable of carrying both Diddy and Dixie as he flew through the air. Squawks could also defend himself by spitting eggs from his mouth.

Rambi - Rambi’s horn makes him the strongest of the animal buddies - there is almost nothing that can withstand his horn, especially in midcharge. Rambi was helpful for plowing down enemies and smashing into hidden passages.

Rattly - Rattly shows us one power the rattlesnakes on the Discovery Channel don’t show; with his coiled up tail, he can spring ten feet into the air.

Clapper - Clapper helps the Kongs indirectly by spraying ice breath into boiling water, cooling it down temporarily so the Kongs can swim on and proceed. The only thing preventing Clapper from constantly cooling water is that someone needs to bounce on his back to make him spit the ice.